Thursday, 22 November 2012

office partner!

Dec is coming soon and its time for me to move office!
and with new office partners!
quite an exciting journey for me cos finally we can shoot in our own studios!
no more lugging up luggages and bags of shoes and accessories up horrendous stairs.
thousand cheers to that ^^

part of how the office will look like.. I have only been there twice cos currently I am still at my old office.

Last week of rental at the current place. I am taken back by how fast time flew by!

Anyway since I am on the topic of office partner; I think I would like to blog this entry on my first ever office partner...

and that is... deng deng deng deng!
Jiaqi from WS! 

I know its like there is totally no link between WS & FB right??
I think fate really brought us together lol.

Previously I have seen JQ like 1-2 years back at the old studio that we both used to go.
But it was only until I think last Dec or Jan of this year? that we really "get to know each other"

one random night at the taxi stand of city plaza, we happened to be waiting for cab together. I was in queue before her. 

and it really took like eons before a cab finally came. by then it was probably really late; like 9 plus?
so JQ took the initiative to talk to me and asked if we could share cab back.

usually under such circumstances, I will say no man cos I dont like to talk to strangers; and apparently its not on the way actually. 
she was heading somewhere towards like near bugis and I stay in the further East side.

but somehow or rather I agreed ( I think thats fate ya). and so we shared the cab journey home and it was really really awkward. HAHAHA

like we told each other oh actually I have seen you before at Candle before blah blah. or like I have heard things about you from Rach (who is our common supplier + fren btw)

so after dropping her home and the cab made a U-Turn back to the east; I actually got car sick on the way home. and both of us texted Rach after we reached home; and we were both telling her how we will not usually talk to strangers but we talked to each other and even shared cab home.

so like fast forward to 1-2 months back; Rach acted as middleman to formally introduce us and acted as the bridge to us sharing office. and so we shared office for like half a year before she moved out after her sch
re-started in Aug.

The thing about JQ and I is that, I feel that we are always suay when we are together. Lol
and I think its pretty amusing.

Like there was once, when we stayed til pretty late in the night and we decided to just head over to Swee Choon for supper cos its like the only place that we remember its "forever open".

but we were so "lucky" that night. they just had to be close for JUST THAT tuesday night for a day.
it was like so -_- cos we were both really craving for swee choon.

on another occassion, we finished dinner with Rach in town and waited to cab home.
it was 11plus by the time we waited at the isetan shaw buidling. 
we were like 2nd/3rd in queue but the taxi took forever to come; at that point in time, it was nearing midnight so we were thinking "ok maybe all the cabs are hiding and waiting for midnight surcharge then come out".

so we continued waiting; soon it was past midnight but still there was no cab.
by then we waited for like close to 20-40 mins?
then the security guard of that place came over to us and said the road is now close so no cab is coming in.

we were like !!!! What the!!
so we moved to another place to try to get a cab so that we can get to Teo Heng to sing ktv cos like we went before and it closed like 3/4am then. but then still there was no cab so we thought "ok lets take bus out of orchard to another place; maybe its easier to get a cab"

and so we did; but at that place there was like no cab at all again.
the entire night we just kept waiting and waiting to no avail.
thinking how suay we were, I thought maybe we should call teo heng to double check what time they close.

alas we were really how very suay. apparently they changed their closing time to 1am and after all these waiting; we cant head over to teo heng. like really how suay rite??

in the end we finally managed to get on a cab but we headed back to CINE for kbox.
Then when we thought everything is finally getting alright, when we were alighting the cab,
when JQ tried to open the cab door; her hands almost touched a cockroach that was at the car handle!!

luckily I spotted the cockroach if not really fhl right!!

these are just 2 of the most memorable suay things that happened to us together... lol
but of course we shared quite some fun times together in the office although we seldom meet each other inside honestly..

ok after such wordy post, heres a picture of JQ and me!

after we are done with our hair appointment at salon vim some time back in end Aug...
we were really happy with our hair , and how we get to see ourselves in curled hair hence the big smiles.. lol

apparently JQ really likes their hair service I think cos she just asked me to like go do our hair together next week..
although we dont message each other on a regular basis, but its always a very heart warming feeling whenever I think of her...

This is us randomly taking a night scroll at ECP after our dinner...
Like how romantic right?? LOLLLLLLLLL

Anyway since this topic involved a little bit of WS, I just wanted to share with you another small snippets.

few months back, a girl emailed me to apply to be model for NLS and she stated in her email that she has modelled for a few shops like TE/CWC/ blah blah and most importantly she mentioned WS..

then so I knew immediately something wasnt quite right because JQ and I are always like discussing model issues and I have never heard JQ mentioned her name before...

and so I asked her to send in pictures of herself. This girl did but it was like some personal pictures or what I cant remember. and so I replied her "pls kindly send in pictures of yourself from WS shoots since we are of similar style and I want to see if you'll suit the style"

Alas she did but it was totally not WS style at all. one glance and I knew its totally not WS at all cos there is something unique in the way JQ styles her models and how her pics are taken. I have been to a shoot with her with Tricia before so I know how different her pictures are.

So the morale of the story is; actually some blogshop owners are kinda linked to each other. so its best not to lie and claim that you shot for who who who before cos at the end of the day we can check =)

If you need to know, in case anyone wants to apply to be model for FB / NLS.. please kindly note that the following shops' owners are my good friends ya :


with that, may I just include that I am really happy this year that I got to know alot more fellow comrades of the same industry.. hahaha

Thank god for their companionship; if not I think 2012 wouldnt have passed so fast for me.

randomly, I wonder if this design is still on sale? I wanted to get it last year when I first moved into an office but because end up I didnt really like the current one so I didnt get it..

shall end this post with a random picture that I took from starbucks in tokyo..

Do we have these flavours in SG as well??
oh gosh I miss Japan and I cant wait to be back!

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