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I think I am the last among the four blogshops involved to announce this.. 
but if you have been checking out our Facebook page, you would have seen that we will be having a warehouse sale with the lovely peeps from 

its going to be held at my new office and hence its a great chance for a warehouse sale.

in fact I just spent half a day sorting and tagging clothes for this event.

And because we are getting you girls to come down for this event; 
EVERYTHING is going at really super low pricing.

Like I will feel paiseh if I ask you all to come down 
but if there are no great bargains is super lao kui and embarrassing 
and I dont know how to face you all in the future lol.

so I have marked everything down to way below costs prices!

so you all must come!

I spent few hours tagging like few hundred pieces of clothings with the $10 price tag.

and majority of them are $10.. the rest are like $5 and $15.. 

all very budget frenly ^ ^

so yes please drop by for this event.

I am sure you will find something you will like since there are like 4 blogshops involved.

And for myself, I will be putting up lotsa accessories like necklaces / bangles / headwear / belts and shoes!!

just some sneaks of the accessories sections that will be up. 

Everything will be $10 and below.

and belts! when I was packing my old office, 
i probably found like 100 pcs of belt hidden everywhere inside..
 everytime we have customers asking us if this belt or that belt shown in our pictures, 
where are they from etc..
so this is your chance!! 
belts should be going $5 and below, or maybe even 2 for $5??

shoes as well.
omg because I really LOVE to buy shoes; 
i accumulated like probably also like near to 50-80 pairs in office??

I think the shoes need new owners because I think Acelyn (my new office partner from CL)

will probably cringe at the mountains of shoes in the office

so some sneaks of what will be up! 

majority of what is shown above should be up for sale as well.

all of them are lightly worn as they are used only for shoots. 
some are even new!

and oh yes if you are in need of boots for your year end holidays; 
these are for sale too cos I kinda of overbuy from urbanog :/
also (almost) brand new! only used once for shoot!

(dug out this super chio photo I took of Anna last year! we both miss japan alot sia!)

for some of the clothing that will be available during the sale

we have uploaded it on Facebook here!

lets take it that you girls are coming for a mini flea?

its a win win situation for us!

We really need to clear and you can get things at incredible pricing (ideal for xmas prezzies as well!)

when I was looking at FASH MOB tagging their items in our office,

even I was very tempted to get some stuffs for myself!

Actually, I am very nervous about this upcoming event because we are unsure how the turnout will be like.

and its like the first "official" event that I will be meeting you girls..

so much so I am thinking of going to the salon 
to colour my hair  (which I only do when I go for holidays) before meeting you all on sat..

so pardon me if I am too shy on sat yeah? 
I am most probably either too shy or too overwhelmed or what.
but I'll try my best =)

on a random side note, we are happy to share some sneaks of our upcoming manufactured items:

Zara inspired lace mesh dress

topshop inspired crochet & lace dress!

we will be previewing them during the warehouse sale this SAT as well!
and if you would like to pre-purchase them;
we are also glad to have a special pricing of $28 for both designs
since you made the effort to come down for the event! =))

These lovelies are already stocked in at our Kissjane Bugis rack
with all the available colours and sizing as well.
so if you cant come down for the event, you can still purchase / preview it there too!

really very lovely lace detailing for these 2 upcoming label that we really love to bits!

and on a super random note! I found these vouchers in the office as well :

and I have decided to give them away during the warehouse sale.

3 special customers who come down in our Faire Belle clothings or if you buy alot from us
 will stand a chance to win this voucher!

Will pick the winner at random! =)

if you are keen to find out more sneaks of what items will be put up for sale this Sat, you can follow us on instagram @ fairebelle

I think I will be snapping more sneaks later in the day as we do the final tagging and set up!

If you have any questions, you can ask me here:

Its a new personal formspring that I just set up 
cos one of the aims in 2013 is to have a more personal touch with our customers =)

And finally on an ending note, 
here are the important things that you will have to take note for the warehouse sale:

1) Date: 8th Dec 2012, 11am - 7pm.

2) Location: 113 Eunos Ave 3, Gordon Industrial Building, #07-08 Room 1 & 5. 
We will be stationed in Room 5!

How to get there?
5 mins walk from Paya Lebar MRT.
- Alight at Paya Lebar MRT & take the Green line Exit towards SINGPOST
- Walk toward Paya Lebar Singpost building.
- Walk under the MRT Track and you will see Gordon Industrial Building (in White & Red).

So do prepare enough cash before you come. There is a POSB ATM right beside the building. UOB, OCBC & POSB ATMs are also available at Paya Lebar MRT.

4) Items sold during the sale are strictly non-exchangeable and non-refundable!

5) Strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis! No pre-reservations are allowed!

6) In the event that the crowd turn-out exceeds our expectations, shoppers will be allowed to enter in batches of 30 each time for 30 mins of shopping time!


PH !

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